This is the ultimate motherfucking website.

All the shitty HTML corrected by GrahamTheDev

Published on the . Just so you know the date that someone finally got this shit right! (over 7 years!)

(Jump to the footer for an explanation of what is going on here if you don't know!)

Seriously, none of you can write valid and Accessible HTML?

Just a few Semantic HTML elements and a tiny bit of WAI-ARIA is all it fucking took to turn your shitty site into a fully accessible one.

Did any of you even run an automated accessibility checker when you built your sites, no I thought not. Never mind taking the time to learn about accessibility for the 60% of errors accessibility checkers can't find.

The web is not inherently accessible as it is built by people and people don't take the time to learn this shit. We have all the tools to make the web accessible, you just have to use them!

Oh and I fixed the CSS so that the critical styles are inlined (which is all of them on a tiny site like this). You know, like you are supposed to.

This meant I could add a total of 25 CSS properties (still way less than 14kb, not that you would know why using that as a rough guide for size is important). It gives the site a little bit of visual appeal and structure. Still lightning fast, in fact it is faster than the "perfect" site.

I did even more things:

A little more accessibility

Well done, one of you finally added a lang attribute to the HTML.

But why on Earth are you not using sectional elements? Go read up on <main>, <aside>, <footer> etc.

Oh and by the way, I also added the following accessibility features:

You know what, go read my fucking article 101 Digital Accessibility tips and tricks, it looks like you need some fucking guidance.

To my knowledge this site is WCAG AA compliant, valid HTML, valid is just fucking magical basically.

Why not follow best security practices?

Look I get it, this is a simple static site so security headers won't do much.

But seriously, your websites were meant to be an example of how websites are meant to be when done properly, so why not include them and lead people to the light?

Here, this site score 120 out of 100 (yup, we got bonus points as we are that fucking great!) in Mozilla Observatory

For the sake of a few minutes work why not make your site as safe as possible and get into the habit?